Thursday, March 04, 2010


So I am feeling a little "down with the sickness" as Disturbed would say. I have Mono yep, the kissing disease. Shoot me. It seems that I received this illness from my adorable five-year-old cousin Emma over Thanksgiving. My Mono has been dorm it until now but boy am I feeling the symptoms. This is a little acrostic to fill you in on Mono.
M- Memory Loss, I can not tell you what I had for dinner.

O- Other Illness gained- I will now have Epstein-Barr virus for the rest of my life b/c of Mono. If you do not know what EBV is Google it.

N- neck stiffness, nausea, and nosebleeds-- Triple Score!

O- oh crap I am dieing-- the doctors says I should be better in six weeks but that is for adults that are on bed rest. Not this guy, mama need money.

To Do List:

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Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Oh nooo-I am so sorry. My son had it in 8th grade, never knew a body could sleep that much. Drink plenty of liquids and sleep when you can. Thanks for your sweet blog comment--it doesn't get much better than what you wrote :)! Take care!

Donatella said...

I am new to blogging.. and a new follower... very cute blog you have!! glad to have stopped by(:

EileenandKaren@forgetmenotdreams said...

Oh Yuck, Amanda! I had mono in college, studying for my nursing school entrance. I would sleep in my car during breaks... then had to drop out of school for a quarter. Please take care of yourself! Sleep as much as you can, and cut down on the kissing!!
Don't push yourself, it just causes problems later. All the best to you! Karen

Vanessa said...

Do you really think you got it from Emma 4 months later? I didn't know that was possible! Crazy! How come I didn't know you had a blog?? Cousins should know these things! Are you feeling better?