Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's on my desk.

I am a Birchbox fan. If you love make-up samples you should check them out. On their blog they have a post about  Whats on the birchbox staffer's desk: . So I am doing the same idea. 

This is one view of my desk. 

I work on an Ipad and a Mac computer. I have a cubical of my very own. I am the only girl in the office so this is the girlyish part of the building. 

I must always have my water, hydration is good for the hair and nails. Behind it are notecards, notepads, anything to keep my notes in. I write down EVERYTHING. To the right is a card that one of my co-workers got me just to say thanks for all of the hard work. (so sweet)
In the back are fresh flowers my BF bought me. Whenever I have a bad day he will get me flowers. This is starting to become a weekly thing so I better have some better days or he is going to have to buy a florist to save money.  I have to have my colored markers. It helps me to keep track of who said what in my notes. Hand Bacteral soap is a must and this kind is my fav. I am lost without my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda and of I have the phone cover to match. 
This is another arrangement of all of my stuff.  I would love to see pics of your desk and accessories. 

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agalandherdog said...

I wish my desk looked that cute! It looks like a paper bomb exploded!