Thursday, April 01, 2010

An uncommon night..

So this past weekend I went to my old college Georgia Southern University. Good times were had by all.

My alter-ego "Gina" was out and about. I wonder how she got out?

Gina being an Walrus. Oh Dear...

A lot of people did not recognize me because I have lost 15 lbs. Trust me 15 lbs. makes a differences. I miss my college and sorority sisters so much. I can not wait to go back.


Donatella said...

very cute pictures!sounds like you had a great time!!

Breee said...

hi! :)

cute blog!

thank you for following me, I am following you back!


Shelby Levesque said...

Aha, I think the straw-walrus is a must for every outing. (:
Good times!(: