Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learning to decor..

I am in the learning process to decorating our apartment with shabby chic materials. I am very thankful that my boyfriend give me free range over the area, even his bedroom.

Remember that old tin bowel I found in our old barn? Well, I washed it and placed pears in them. The green hue was nice for the St. Patrick's day theme.

The milk glass vases I found at goodwill was a nice addition to my office window.

It may not be perfect but I am learning.

To Do:

Shop for new dress for this weekend.

Packing to go to Statesboro for the weekend.

Tan (much needed)

Get my nails gone.

Find a new bedside table.

Lots to do.


Sarah said...

isn't decorating so much fun?! i love it! it's kind of dangerous though because i feel like i always need to be working on the next project and when i run out of projects i just take something down that i just did and redo it! it's so fun! i love those vases! vases are my favorite thing to decorate with : )

iamchasingthirty said...

Randomly stumbled upon your blog...the title caught my attention. TOO cute. And love the pic!

Moosette said...

I too love finding great finds at consignment shops - one man's trash is another's treasure... or something along those lines! Lovely blog!

haircutting in high heels said...

HI GINA! I read about your alter-ego.. hmmm I love saying that name, I wanted to thank you for the follow right back atcha! Cool blog, I love the concept.

Sabrina said...

Hey Amanda! Nice to meet you! Love your blog name...very unique. Thanks for following and hope to see you again soon!

Amanda said...

Finding that random special treasure that everyone else has overlooked is always such a thrill! You're learning fast!

trishie said...

i like your milk glass vases by the window. it'll be awesome if you had a whole collection, for sure.

One Life Many Journeys said...

I love thrifting tooooooooooo. I just bought 2 milk glass vases at a thrift. I found you when you signed up for my blog. Thanks for joining.