Thursday, August 24, 2006

A father's love.

So I went home for the weekend where I talked my dad into talking me to the mall. As soon as we got there we went to Vicorta Secerts, as I checked out my dad and I got into a fight about the $100 charge I have ran up. My dad won (which made me happy). A young girl about 13 years old came up to us and asked: "Why won't you let your dad pay for your stuff?" I told her that my dad has been paying for me for 25 years and it is time for me to start paying for things. The girl repiled with, "If I had a dad that loved me than I would let him pay for everthing!"
As we walked out my dad gave the girls a twenty and told her, "I am sorry that you do not have a dad that loves you, so I hope this brightness you day. Get yourself something nice, but not in this store."
My dad when up to her mother to make sure it was okay that he gave her daughter the money, the mom's mouth dropped with disbelive and said it was okay. (I think she was tring to get a job there.)
As we were leaving the girl wispered to her mother "Mama, you need to marry him" The mother replied, "Hush up girl, he as a wedding ring on."


Prem said...

hey...i've always wanted to know this, where do the names of the sorities and fraternities come from?

is it ancient greek?


Amanda said...

There are greek abc's and whom ever the "founding father's" are get to chose the name. (I think)