Thursday, July 14, 2011

Internet Dating

Yes, my peeps, I have joined the wonderful world of Internet dating. And holy crap it has been a crazy ride.

The stories I could tell you....oh wait.....I can and I will....

First do NOT ask for pictures that are not already on the website. (lots of men have asked for this)
You get what you get. Deal with it.

Second do not say you are going to call after a date and not do it.
If you are not interested that's cool just let me know. (I have others lined up)

Third lets not talk about past relationships. I am trying to forget about mine and sure as hell do not want to hear about yours. (we all have issues)

New Bangs

What I am reading:


What I am listening to:


agalandherdog said...

Love the bangs and hang in there! You'll find someone special soon!

Ruth said...

love the bangs

Ana Filipa said...

love your blog. hope you ll flw us back