Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wise words from a friend..

My friend, Sarah Cole, wrote this in her blog and it is so true.

To the boyfriends, non-boyfriends, lovers, friends with benefits, husbands, fiances, boy best friends, and any subsection of the male-gender I’ve left out;
On behalf of the majority girls all over the world (well the girls who like boys, atleast), I would like to inform you that although more times that not, you are extremely nice to look at, talk to, kiss and generally just be around, you do not reserve the right to be complete tools. You do not reserve the right to be distant, cold and act like a complete asshole. I know, I know.. it’s in your nature, but so is the hedenistic instinct to plop a chic over the head with a mallet and drag her to your cave.. and for the most part, you seem to reframe from doing that. for the most part.
I’d like to suggest that perhaps, just maybe you could take the time to think about what impact your actions and words have on a girl’s heart and mind. Take the time to realize that girls are emotional beings, regardless if she says she’s not. Take the times to realize that we usually take things more (too) seriously (literal). Take the time to realize that girls need words. We need communication. We need replies to text messages, even if those replies may hurt us in the end. We need you to pick up the phone, even when we’re sobbing and/or screaming at the top of our lungs on the other end. We need you to say it’s over. We need you to say it’s not. We need you to say anything at all. We need reassurance, and more importantly we need consideration. We don’t need small talk- cut to the chase. We don’t need to be led on and we certainly don’t need the games that often times are played. 
We need you to realize that in essense we don’t really need you to survive… we just want you in our lives.

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