Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Adventurous Weekend:

My weekend was topnotch. This is what I did:

Caught up with an old friend; gave great relationship advice- Drove 13 hours- Met  April Johnston from Project Runway (that is a dress from her new collection)- Had a slumber party with my bestie-Drank a beer at 8:43 in the morning- Gave my dad a surprise birthday party- Drank LOTS of plum wine and was sick for a full 24 hours- Went shopping, bought nothing- Worked the Southern Women Tradeshow- Ran a 5K in the pouring rain-

Love at First Flight

April Johnston from Project Runway

Drinking a beer after our 5K (8:43am)

Amanda is a common name, I am far from common. 

What I am reading:

What I am listening to:

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