Monday, May 17, 2010

Crappy Day and Give Away

Hello my beautiful followers how is your Monday?

Warning: I am about to vent. 

So another sorority sister got engaged this weekend. Did I tell you that the movie 27 dresses was based on my life? Well not really but you get the picture.

 I am totally happy for my three friends that are getting married within the next year but I can not help but to think "when is it my turn".

I am about to turn 29, I am older than all of my friends. I am in a committed relationship I am just worried that this day will never happen for me. 

Do I sound selfish? I should just shut up right?
Ok enough.

Just comment. 


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agalandherdog said...

Aww...I'm sorry you are having a crappy day. Have you talked to your boyfriend about marriage? Usually it just takes a conversation to get your guy on the same page. I'm sure a proposal is right around the corner.

Miss K said...

I totally understand how you feel! I've been a bridesmaid so many times and get asked about my relationship 24/7. I"m sure a proposal is around the corner, don't sweat it.

***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

Sorry about this! Your time will definitely come and everything happens for a reason although I could see how you are getting frustrated with the situation. I bet your boy is just waiting for the perfect time!

jess said...

Amanda, I know for a fact Casey's just waiting for the perfect day. (For those who are reading posts I'm best friends with Amanda and her boyfriend).

Sometimes it just takes a second to save for the perfect ring :)

So excited for tomorrow!

agalandherdog said...

I left you an award over at my blog if you feel like playing along. And I hope your day got better!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand how you feel!! I'm the same age and have friends getting married and having babies all around me. I've been with my boyfriend for years and am not in a rush to get married, but it just makes you think...what about me?!